We're back.

We’re thrilled to announce our urban stone mill and bakery is up and running in Ottawa’s East End. Our millstones have hardly stopped turning and our shelves are stocked with fresh-milled heritage flours and grain.

We offer a selection of sourdough bread and other baked goods available for pick-up Thursday-Saturday. We start accepting bakery pre-orders through our website at noon on Mondays and all bakery orders can be picked up at Dominion City's contactless drive-thru (4-7pm on Thursday, 3-7pm Friday and noon-7pm Saturday.)

Flour orders over $50 qualify for free Ottawa local delivery and $10 Canada-wide shipping and are usually out within a day or two. All non-bakery items can be picked up free anytime at Dominion City during their regular hours of operation (Monday-Saturday 12pm-7pm)

Happy baking.


Gabrielle Prud’homme
Owner, Almanac Grain


Like you used to get

Almanac is an urban mill and bakery in Ottawa's East End.

We’re picking up the torch set down by our forebears by stone milling honest Canadian flour that looks and tastes like it used to.

Our mission is to deliver good food by supporting better farming. We believe that what we leave behind is as important as what we sell, which is why we are committed to supporting restorative agricultural practices that promote environmental resiliency and conserve the land for future generations.

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