Our story

Almanac is a family-owned flour and grain company committed to sharing delicious, restorative and healthy Canadian food. We source certified organic heritage grains and flours farmed and milled with integrity, purpose and intention. We believe that by growing the demand for good food we make space for better farming and ultimately create a more sustainable planet.


The Fresh-Milled Difference

Our flour is milled on an Austrian-made stone mill. It’s less efficient than modern commercial roller mills, sure, but we believe that time spent delivering a better product is time well spent. 

The past 100 years of commercial flour has focused only on efficiency, and not on nutrition, flavour or impact on the land. It has been a slow and steady march to bleaching, harmful additives, and lost nutrients resulting in higher profits and tasteless bread.

We think the answer is obvious: a return to the simpler flours and heritage grains that nourished us since the dawn of civilization; nothing more or less than the entire seed crushed between two stones, enjoyed fresh, with all of its nutrients and flavour still intact.

That’s why our heritage flours are always milled fresh, ensuring that nothing is lost and that your baking has a richness and depth of flavour you just can’t get with commercial flour.

Why Heritage Grain?

Most grains grown today have been created to maximize yield over nutrition, and often require industrial fertilizers, herbicides and other harmful chemicals. 

The “landrace” or heritage varieties of grain that we grow are plants that have been locally adapted and developed over several generations to local soils and climate, making them naturally disease resistant and allowing them to thrive. 

These old varieties are best suited to organic, low-input agriculture where no chemicals are used, providing a nutritious and distinct harvest, without the environmental impact of large-scale farming.

Ironwood Organics - Our Partner Farm

For Chris and Mary Wooding organic farming is much more than a buzzword. It is a comprehensive set of practices, standards and traceability that must be adhered to. Beyond the certification regime in crop production, they ensure that their farm, Ironwood Organics, goes far beyond that in the custodianship of the farms hedgerows, fallow fields and natural places.

A diversified farm is a lot more work, but the crops mutually support each other in succession, resulting in a whole that is healthier and more resilient than its parts. It also depends less on man-made inputs and more on nature's processes.

Perhaps more important than the crops, is the biodiversity in hedgerows and wild places on the farm. Nature at large supports hundreds of species in a tightly integrated orchestra of life. It is up to all of us as the stewards of this planet to ensure that we leave the land better than we found it, and to never take for granted our relationship, and dependence on, the land.

If you’re a bakery, café or restaurant interested in working with us, we’d love to talk.