LULO Coffee -  Finca Alcatraz

LULO Coffee - Finca Alcatraz


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Chocolate / Marmalade / Velvety

Chocolatey decadence working overtime with pronounced marmalade notes and a black tea aftertaste bring you the brunchiest of coffee selections for this holiday season. Low acidity, absurdly high sweetness, velvety body, and more than enough nuance to keep it interesting - this is a perfect daily driver for espresso or filter.

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High in the hills outside the South Western Andes mountain town of Oporapa, Huila, sits Finca Alcatraz. Don Wilfredo and Doña Yulieth have been producing exceptional coffees for over 15 years. 

The farm itself is something of a forest, hosting many shade-giving tree species and numerous bird species, making it a hotspot of amazing biodiversity as well as coffee. A defining characteristic of the farm are it's seriously steep fields that give many parts an amphitheatre-like effect. In order to ensure a safe and efficient harvest, Don Wilfredo constructed a duct system designed to transport the freshly harvest cherry directly to the wet mill at the base of the farm. 

From there, the cherries were fully washed and left to ferment in an open tank for a period of 48 hours before being set to dry in a combination of raised beds and green house floors for 18 days.