Knifewear -  Tojiro Bread Slicer

Knifewear - Tojiro Bread Slicer


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About the shape - Bread is the cornerstone of civilization, a noble food worthy of its own family of a knife. Rather than destroy the beautiful bread that you've just baked or bought, that gorgeous hunk of gluten deserves to be sliced with the finest of serrations. This blade is razor-sharp even by regular knife standards and will have no issue zipping through thousands of hearty loaves.

This particular knife is something people have asked us to bring in for years, it affordable, sharp and often rated well on various food blogs and website.

About Tojiro - Tojiro is a knife-making giant in Japan. While they have a small factory that produces incredible hand-forged knives, their true specialty is factory-made knives. In Japan, “factory-made” isn’t what most people think. While the blades are rolled and stamped, much of the work is done by hand including grinding and finishing steps. Tojiro primarily works with VG-10, stainless steel loved for its ease of sharpening and easy maintenance, but they also use VS2, SK85 and others.