Khorasan Berries

Khorasan Berries


About this grain:

Khorasan is a foundational ancient grain that originated over 4000 years ago and contributed to many of today's Durham wheat varieties. This heritage rain features a very large lightly-colored kernel, showcasing a smooth, sweet, buttery flavor that is excellent for salads, baked goods and pilafs.

Khorasan boasts about 30% more protein and 65% more amino acids than wheat and is rich in zinc, magnesium and vitamin E. It is e
asily digested due to its simple makeup and high solubility in water (especially compared to conventional wheats). Individuals who experienced certain types of allergic reactions to products made from common wheat are often able to eat Khorasan although it is still not recommended for those suffering from celiac disease as it does contain gluten.

What to make with it:
 Pilaf, grain salads, sourdough bread

Extraction: N/A

Protein: Medium-High

Grown: North Okanagan-Shushwap