St Brigid's Creamery - Salted Butter

St Brigid's Creamery - Salted Butter


We've been hunting for a long time for the perfect butter to melt on a piece of our fresh sourdough bread. If you love butter like us, this is the butter for you. 

St Brigid's Creamery, a family owned farm in Huron County Ontario, is proud to introduce their Salted (using Vancouver Island Sea Salt) 84% M.F. Organic Grass-Fed A2 Jersey butter. 

Their herd of healthy A2 Grass Fed Jerseys, grazing their organic certified pastures and silvo pastures, supply the cream used to barrel-churn their world-class 84% fat Jersey butter. 

A2 means it's made with cream from cows that only have the A2/A2 beta casein in their milk, which is found to be easier to digest among individuals who have issues digesting A1 beta casein, generally found in Canadian pooled dairy.

A commitment to the regeneration of our soils, the health of their communities, and animal welfare, drive their effort to produce this delicious butter.