Classic Oatmeal

This is our go to classic oatmeal recipe. You can't mess it up and once you're comfortable making it, tweak it anyway you like (More liquid, less liquid, mushy, firm, hot, cold). This one is all about personal preference.. remember Goldilocks and the 3 bears? 


1 cup of Rolled Oats

2 cups of water (or milk/milk substitute for a creamier texture)

Serves 2

Step 1

Place rolled oats in a suitable pot and cover over with water. Agitate them with your hands to dislodge any chaf (oat hulls) and let it float to the top. This can be poured off. Repeat a few times to discard all the chaf. Once clean, pour off all excess liquid by pressing down on the oats with your hand to drain well

Step 2

Add water or milk and bring to a boil

Step 3

Once a boil is achieved, reduce heat to low and stir frequently until all the liquid is absorbed and oats are cooked through (about 5 min). For mushier oats, keep cooking. It’s all about personal preference here.

Step 4

If you like your oats soupier, add more milk at the end and stir to combine. 

Suggested toppings:

Apple chunks + Maple syrup + Toasted Pecans

Blueberries + Peanut Butter Drizzle  

Fresh Strawberries + Toasted Pepitas