Year two.

This week marks two years since we first opened our doors on Canotek Road. Anniversaries are a natural moment for reflection, and rightly so. But this year I'm mostly feeling determined; to take the faith and support you've invested in us to keep going, to press harder and do more of the things we care so much about.

We started Almanac with a mission; to deliver good food by supporting better farming. For us this means sourcing Canadian-grown heritage grain and stone milling flour like you used to get; fresh. It means seeking out local farmers who shared our vision for rebuilding a local grain economy where more of the food we eat here is actually grown here. It means sharing connection in every loaf we bake. Two years in, I'm proud that we're delivering on this mission in everything we do.

I'm proud of our team and the commitment and pride they bring to work with them everyday. We're a small team (a very small team), and we couldn't have made it through this past year as gracefully as we did without them. Kari and Michelle are the talent behind all of our naturally leavened bread and baking. Give them a thumbs up next time you're by. 

So here's our birthday wish: join us. If you haven't already, bake something with our flour. We know once you start, you'll never want to go back to one-dimensional white dust. To help get you started, and for this week only, we're knocking 20% off all flour and grain. This is the moment to try baking with fresh-milled heritage flour. 

If you're afraid, or uncertain; don't be. We'd love to see you out at a class; we're kicking off regular 'Let's Get Started' sessions where we walk you through the basics of keeping and using a sourdough starter and answer any and all questions. We've also got pasta making workshops on offer and more on the way. 


We're proud and grateful for the things we've managed to do with your support these last two years. Today though, we're more excited to get building the next chapter. Here's to year three.