We're back.

We’re thrilled to announce our urban stone mill and bakery is up and running in Ottawa’s East End. Our millstones have hardly stopped turning and our shelves are stocked with fresh-milled heritage flours and grain.

We offer a selection of sourdough bread and other baked goods available for pick-up Thursday-Saturday. We start accepting bakery pre-orders through our website at noon on Mondays and all bakery orders can be picked up at Dominion City's contactless drive-thru (4-7pm on Thursday, 3-7pm Friday and noon-7pm Saturday).

Flour orders over $50 qualify for free Ottawa local delivery and $10 Canada-wide shipping and are usually out within a day or two. All non-bakery items can be picked up free anytime at Dominion City during their regular hours of operation (Monday-Saturday 12pm-7pm).

Happy baking.


Gabrielle Prud’homme
Owner, Almanac Grain