LULO Coffee - CCD Natural Geisha "Static Cherry"

LULO Coffee - CCD Natural Geisha "Static Cherry"


The Impression

Jasmine / Lemongrass / Kiwi / Banana  / Cacao / Juicy / Playful 

This coffee has pronounced herbaceous notes of jasmine and lemongrass, while at the same time bringing with it an intense, candy-like sweetness with a subtle touch of funk. Notes of kiwi, cacao, and banana, and juicy citric acidity make up a profile that is as  elegant as it is playful. 

The Brew 


Ratio: 1:16 

Grind: Medium-Fine 

Time: ~3:00

Notes: Very forgiving coffee to brew. Extracts evenly and easily, and tastes fantastic when brewed at a variety of ratios. Flat bottom drippers are ideal to bring out a balanced acidity and a full, sweet body. Shorter brew times will let the herbaceous notes shine brighter, while longer brew will bring out that candy-sweet body. 

The Story

Creativa Coffee District (CCD) is part of the LPET family of coffee projects that define themselves through their commitment to quality, social impact and environmental stewardship. CCD is based just outside of Boquete, a lovely town in the Chiriqui province of Panama that is renowned in the specialty coffee world, particularly for its Geisha. 

Located in a historic wet mill that used to pulp 15% of every harvest in the country, CCD now uses the space a little differently, hosting artist residencies alongside the production of natural coffees. 

They implement a similar business model to that of LPET, buying coffee in cherry from neighboring producers and processing it themselves. Each lot first undergoes strict quality measures, and is categoriz into three fermentation styles: Static Cherry, Intrinsic Cherry, and Chilled Cherry. Each one imparts its own characteristics on the cup profile through different fermentation settings. 

Our offering underwent 96 hours of the Static Cherry process, in which the freshly picked coffee cherries are placed in sealed plastic tanks and deprived of oxygen to create an anaerobic environment. This helps control variables like temperature and pH, allowing for more uniformity in the fermentation, which is definitely noticeable in the cup.