Home Baker Competition Entry

Home Baker Competition Entry


Love bread baking? Sign up for the Real Bread Festival Home Baker Competition and be considered for the top prize!

Our judges will slice and sample entries received the morning of the festival (Saturday September 23) and winners will be announced at 3pm. 

The winner of each category will take home a flour bundle from Almanac. One entrant will be named Best In Show and take home the Black Ribbon for 2023 and be recognized as Ottawa's best home bread baker . 

Please purchase one competition entry per item you plan to submit. We will follow up to provide an entry form where you can submit your bread and details ahead of competition day.


  • Sourdough -  Water, flour and salt. (Genuine sourdough, as defined by the Real Bread Campaign, made without added yeast or commercial leavning agents)
  • Cheese - All styles welcome, must contain cheese!
  • Enriched / Inclusions - bread made with additions of seeds, fruit etc. Can be sweet or savoury (except cheese loaves which should be entered in the Cheese category)
  • Whole Grain - Loaves made with 100% whole grain flour 
  • Fresh-milled / Heritage - Made exclusively with flour from Canadian-grown heritage grain, freshly milled in Canada
  • Pastry - Brioche, Viennoiserie, croissants/ Danish pastries, sweet or savoury