LULO Coffee - Finca El Recreo

LULO Coffee - Finca El Recreo


Cup Impression 

Blackberry / Banana / Dynamic

Turning the volume up to 11, this coffee has everything you want in a funky natural. Bursting with malic and citric acidities that bring blackberry or even pineapple to mind, there's a certain unmistakable creaminess that makes the cup unique. Yellow tropical fruits like banana are ever-present, with notes of sweet almost white chocolate providing an enveloping body. This is a captivating cup that changes greatly from start to finish.

 Roast Level 



The Catuai and Colombia cherries are mixed during harvest, floated for quality, and placed in black plastic bags, which are sealed and set to ferment for a total of 16 days in a semi-shaded space on the farm. On the 16th day, the cherries are taken out and set to dry on the family's elda for 12 days.

The remarkably short drying time allows the Hurtado-Gamba family to push their fermentations a little longer for extra zippy and energetic cups, which I have been loving.