LULO Coffee -  La Gran Aventura

LULO Coffee - La Gran Aventura


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Cup Impression 

Dark Plum / Tropical Fruits / Honey-like Sweetness

Ripe, sweet, dark plums and tropical yellow fruits like mango and a touch of passion fruit come to mind. A pronounced, wildflower honey-like sweetness rounds off the cup's citric and malic acidities. Fantastic as pour over, phenomenal as an adventurous espresso. 

Roast Level 


This Castillo variety was picked at peak ripeness and floated in water for quality. It was placed and sealed into small, 35kg tanks with little to no oxygen and transported down the mountainside, fermenting along the way.

It was then dried at sea level for 21 days.

Manuel Matta takes great care to measure just about every variable, from brix to ph, temperature to moisture levels, his record-keeping allows for a deep amount of traceability in his operation.