Let's Get Started February 7th

Let's Get Started February 7th


Let's get started!

This workshop is a groundlevel introduction to keeping and using a sourdough starter using fresh-milled heritage flour. Think of it as Heritage Sourdough Starter 101. If you're new to keeping a sourdough starter, or looking to dive in, this class is for you.

In this workshop, we'll cover everything from the basics about your sourdough starter, its role in succesful bread making, how to feed and keep it healthy and what to do with all the discard. 

We'll answer your questions, we'll show you exactly what to do and we'll send you on your way armed and ready to bake your first loaf of sourdough bread using our fresh-milled heritage flour. NOTE *This is not a sourdough bread making workshop.

JUST THE CLASS - $30 for just the class

CLASS / STARTER BUNDLE - $45 for the class plus a starter of your very own to take home and a bag of flour to feed it

Class includes an Almanac cookie and cup of tea, a tour of the mill and a Q&A session with Almanac founder Gabrielle Prud'homme.

Classes run from 5pm-6pm at the bakery.

PLEASE NOTE: Be sure you can attend the date of the class as we can only offer refunds for cancellations made by February 4th. We cannot offer refunds due to weather or traffic.