The Artery x Otto's Cold Brew

The Artery x Otto's Cold Brew


Cold brew doesn't have to be just cold and boring. And it doesn't have to be something you can only have when out. 

The Artery Community Roaster's have teamed up with Otto's Cold Brew and designed a single estate cold brew that has clarity and actual flavours.

It's filtered four times through micron filters to ensure that extra sediments aren't leading to a chalky and muddy cup. 

Served in glass Stubbies, this cold brew is best enjoyed over ice. And it can be drank straight up or mixed with your favourite milk or lemonade (trust us in the lemonade!). 

And best of all, it's a single estate Catuai grown by Miguel Rodriguez. Miguel is a member of the Café Colis Resistancia movement, a group of Indigenous Xinka farmers and land defenders. 

A cold brew that tastes good and does good.