LULO Coffee - Nasa Community Blend

LULO Coffee - Nasa Community Blend


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Cup Impression 

Chocolate / Molasses / Comforting

Super sweet and very little acidity, this cup is classic and comforting. Heavy on the chocolate and molasses, but balanced with a fruitiness in the background that brings red fruits and marmelade to mind.

 Roast Level 



This coffee is the brainchild of Native Root founder, Ervin Liz.

It represents a mission to work with his community, the Nasa Indigenous People. Native Root is a multifaceted specialty coffee company that purchases coffee in parchment from neighboring producers and curates a field blend to achieve higher volumes with his community members. He always pays above market rates and immediately upon purchase. The producers he works with have no commitments or minimum quantities, making each transaction one of equal agency on both sides.

Their area, the Togoima Indigenous Reservation, is steeped in coffee tradition. The coffees they use in their blend are semiwashed mixed varieties such as Caturra, v.Colombia, Castillo and Cenicafe 1. The rich blend of varieties and the consistency of process both lend themselves to a rich and full-bodied cup of coffee, which is why it is our go-to pillar coffee. It’s flexible and approachable, while being highly balanced and memorable.

We have been working with Ervin since the beginning of our operation, and it’s easy to say that LULO wouldn’t exist without him. He’s responsible for most of our exports and has been a great source of inspiration for us.