LULO Coffee - Finca Alcatraz

LULO Coffee - Finca Alcatraz


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The Impression 

Orange Marmelade / Spiced Panela / Creamy Papaya / Cacao  / Velvety / Subtle Florality 

 Notes of orange marmalade and papaya give this coffee depth, while the creamy medium body balances out the cup with a rich sweetness filled with panel and cacao. Spiced notes of clove and nutmeg appear especially when prepared as espresso. When brewed as filter, a black tea-like characteristic that works exceptionally well with the orange acidity. Overall, quite a balanced and nuanced cup, yet still quite approachable. 


Wilfredo Ule Vargas and LULO go all the way back to 2018 when we visited his beautiful farm on the Morelia vereda of Oporapa, Huila. He has supported LULO by opening his home and mind, imparting tonnes of crucial coffee knowledge, and even overseeing our first sample roasts! He has been operating in the specialty coffee world for many years and is well known for his meticulous processing, sustainable and innovative farming practices, and pure dedication.

Roast Level 




Ratio: 1:2.5

Notes: Spiced, rich, and oh-so-creamy, and balanced with a touch of brightness, this espresso is full of depth and delicious on it's own and with milk.