LULO Coffee - El Recreo Natural Castillo

LULO Coffee - El Recreo Natural Castillo


Cup Impression 

Raspberry / Brownie / Vibrant

This coffee has an undeniable buzzing, energetic quality to it. Raspberry and black currant acidities jump onto the palate and the juiciness just doesn't quit. Medium heavy body of chocolate brownie anchors the cup with its intense sweetness, while the tart red and purple fruits take center stage. A very intense and complex cup that keeps its balance from start to finish.

 Roast Level 

Medium Light


El Recreo has spent years producing solely washed coffees, mixing all varieties together to sell higher volume to the local co-op.

Ronaldo and Valentina have been working on the farm level for two harvests now. They began floating the coffee cherry to separate underripe or defective fruit, and made raised beds to use in combination with the elda (rooftop drying patio) to improve the drying phase. 

They now offer both Catuai and Castillo varieties (with more on the way) as natural, honey, and washed micro-lots. Many lots see additional fermentations in grainpro bags, sealed in black plastic bags.

Ferment times can reach up to 16 days, and when combined with a relatively short drying time in the heavy sun, the cup buzzes with a type of sweetness and acidity unique to their farm. The sun is actually so strong that it creates the risk of washed coffees drying too quickly (2/3 days). In producing plenty of natural and honeys, drying times are extended, and the shelf-life of the green coffee improved.