Bluebarn Coffee Roasters - Finca El Triunfo

Bluebarn Coffee Roasters - Finca El Triunfo


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Adapted from the winemaking technique used to produce Beaujolais wines, carbonic maceration is a relatively novel process for coffee where the whole coffee cherry is fermented in an anaerobic (oxygen-free) environment. 

The result is a sweet and highly expressive yet balanced coffee with tasting notes of rhubarb, blueberry and cherry pie. It's our new favourite hands down, this is for anyone looking for a truly special coffee that challenges the norm.

This limited release coffee will not be around for very long, get it while you can.

Use it with your favourite brew method and prepare to be amazed!

Roast profile : LIGHT-MEDIUM

Producer : Enciso Franco
Farm : Finca El Triunfo
Region : Tolima
Country : Colombia

Elevation : 1800m
Varietal : Red Colombia
Process : Carbonic Maceration
Tasting Notes : Rhubarb, Blueberry Pie